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AbrahamGlobal Advertising is an online rewards website for those looking to earn extra money from all over the world. Founded in 2020, as a paid-to-click website, AbrahamGlobal Advertising has since changed its business model and has become an industry leader in providing an easy way for its members to earn extra money from multiple sources. AbrahamGlobal Advertising has paid out more than $2 million to its members and continues to grow. Abrahamglobal Advertising is an online market place where advertisers can sell their ads to surfers who will in turn return traffic to the advertisers. Advertisers just need to submit their ads and configure their target audience and budget using Abrahamglobal advertiser account. Ad selling and traffic exchange are automatically handled by the highly sophisticated Abrahamglobal platform. Abrahamglobal helps you manage your online advertising campaigns and achieve your business objectives, provides a complete digital advertising solution with our online & mobile contextual ad network, premium display advertising, and a rich set of social media advertising tools. With more than 1,000,000 surfers forming part of our network, we are able to offer advertisers high reach across targeted audiences in Africa.

About System

We have created a platform that will help people gain funds to support their cause whether it’s to support a women’s shelter, pay for unexpected medical bills, get funds for a special project or the many other worthy causes in this world.


Verified Company

AbrahamGlobal Advertising got stronger and developed gaining public fame. And in 2019, the Board of Directors decided to create an International Corporation all over the world via the Internet! Never before has the investment process been so simple and profitable!


Legal Information

AbrahamGlobalAdvertising is the official registered company in the United Kingdom but operating in Nigeria. With its help, you can anytime check whether the company is legitimate.

Before Create Ticket or Contact Us See Frequently Ask Questions (F.A.Q) below

We have all the documents and certificates of incorporation. The validity of our incorporation documents can be easily checked on the Companies House website.
Yes, we have our company registered office in Nigeria .
Prior to launching our website, We have been running profitable and highly successful investment business for several years, there’s no reason for us to stop our online operation any time soon. We are here for more than 50 decades and for the coming generations.
Depositing funds is made simple. To make deposit choose your Payment from upper menu. Then enter your e-mail address, your bitcoin wallet address, choose value of deposit amount (each AbrahamGlobal Advertising has its minimum and maximum value) After that you will see your pure profit in BTC and yout total profit in BTC. Next to click button. Now it’s time to making deposit.
Yes We use extended validation SSL certificate it means (CA) verified the existence of our business. This provides higher assurance to our website visitors.

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Our support team will always be working 24/7 to provide you the best support possible. They will try to answer your queries as soon as they can and will always be there to help you out in your journey with us.

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